Shajen Consulting believes that transformations are for everyone.

Let Shajen Consulting be YOUR health and business enabler, enabling YOUR transformation today.

Shajen Consulting is a boutique consulting agency based in Sydney, Australia, serving clients and facilitating transformation around the world.

Built on extensive, practical business experience and blended with amazing, transformational health products, Shajen Consulting was created to enable and facilitate YOUR transformation, your way.

For those who know they are destined for more, Shajen Consulting is here to help you on your way, holding you accountable and empowering you to be more.

How we empower our clients


Supporting health and wellness transformations.


Enabling and empowering small businesses to grow and thrive.


Patented elixirs which reduce stress, improve sleep and help you feel amazing!


Clinically proven products which facilitate youthful aging, inside and out.

“Our connection has inspired me and has given me a sense of accountability to someone which I needed. Thanks for that!”

-Tatiana Lynn Boland


“Too many ideas, not knowing what to work on next and not know how to see past the ‘shiny objects’ that didn’t align with my life’s vision: these were the exact things I was grappling with in my business when Shajen Consulting came to me, highly recommended by a friend.

Shajen Consulting is a wealth of knowledge and blows the glass ceiling clean off when it comes to helping others see what is possible!”

– Sarah Garner, Founder & Creative Director 

Digital Bloom


Shajen Consulting is the vehicle that will allow you to dream bigger dreams for yourself!
Transformation must truly come from the inside out, be supported by loving support, functional nutrition and accountable.

Schedule some time today to speak to Jennifer or Karen about your bigger dreams and your transformation.

Don’t wait another day! Your future self will thank you!

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